General terms & conditions

General Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Article 1 :         Scope – Parties
1.1.                           These GTC apply by right and without restriction to the relationship between La Bâtie-Festival de Genève (organiser) and any third party concerning the acquisition, use and possible reimbursement of tickets put on sale for one of the organiser’s events.
1.2.                           The responsibility of INFOMANIAK NETWORK SA (supplier) towards the customer is limited exclusively to the role of service provider.
1.3.                           The supplier shall not be held responsible for any modification decided by the organiser.

Article 2 :         Acceptance of the GTC
2.1.                           These GTC apply from the moment of online payment or payment by the customer for their seat(s).
2.2.                           In the online shop, the customer declares that he/she accepts these GTC without reservation as soon as he/she ticks the box “I accept the General Terms and Conditions of Sale” when checking out.
2.3.                           The data recorded by the supplier’s system are valid and constitute proof of all transactions made.

Article 3 :         Prices, tariffs and tariff categories
3.1.                           Ticket prices are quoted in Swiss francs (CHF) including VAT and are the prices in force at the time of purchase.
3.2.                           The prices shown on the online ticketing service are the only ones in force and are binding.
3.3.                           The tariffs presented on the website are the only valid ones; they also detail eligibility for the different tariffs.

Article 4 :         Online ticketing
4.1.                           The organiser’s official online ticketing service is the one accessible on the website. It is the only online ticketing service.
4.2.                           Unless otherwise specified, the total number of tickets that can be purchased at one time cannot exceed 10 per tariff category.
4.3.                           Payments can only be made by VISA, MASTERCARD and POSTCARD. The transaction is final as soon as the payment is validated. Any modification or cancellation of the purchase is impossible.
4.4.                           The supplier has entrusted its online payment system to Crédit Mutuel France (service provider). This service provider is specialised in the security of online payments. The service provider guarantees the total confidentiality of banking information, secured by means of the SSL protocol, which systematically checks the validity of access rights during payment by bank card and encrypts all exchanges.
4.5.                           The indication “Infomaniak” or “e-ticket” may appear on the customer’s card payment statement.
4.6.                           The organiser declines all responsibility for damage caused by the supplier and/or the service provider as a result of the use of the Internet for the payment of tickets ordered. The use of the Internet for the payment of tickets is at the sole risk of the person ordering the tickets.

Article 5 :         Central ticket office
5.1.                           Purchases can be paid for by VISA, MASTERCARD and POSTCARD or in cash (Swiss francs only).
5.2.                           In order not to disadvantage those who do not have access to the Internet, a quota of tickets will be reserved for sale on site as soon as the central ticket office opens. However, the organiser reserves the right to exclude certain performances with a very limited capacity.
5.3.                           The opening of the central ticket office is announced on the website.

Article 6 :         Tickets
6.1.                           Purchasers are solely responsible for the safekeeping of their tickets until the event. They bear the entire consequences of loss or damage to their tickets.
6.2.                           Entry to the event is subject to a check of the validity of the ticket by means of the two barcodes, to be presented at the entrance.
6.3.                           The organiser may refuse entry to the event if several printouts, digital copies, reproductions, copies or imitations of a ticket are in circulation and access to the event has already been granted to the holder of a printout, digital copy, reproduction, copy or imitation of the ticket.
6.4.                           The organiser is not obliged to check the identity of the person presenting the ticket in order to verify that they are the purchaser of the ticket, nor is the organiser obliged to check the authenticity of the ticket if the imitation, digital copy or copy cannot be unambiguously identified as such during the entry check to the event.
6.5.                           Ticket holders who are refused entry for one of the reasons described in 6.2., 6.3. or 6.4. above has no right to a refund.
6.6.                           In order to claim a discounted tariff , it is essential to present valid proof of entitlement when checking tickets. In the event that the valid proof of entitlement is not presented, the viewer must pay the difference between the ticket price and the full price before entering the event.
6.7.                           Tickets cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded, even in the event of loss or theft.
6.8.                           Festival pass tickets cannot be returned, exchanged or refunded.
6.9.                           In the event of postponement, change of venue or change of schedule, for whatever reason, the previously issued ticket remains valid. 
6.10.                        In the event of fraud by the purchaser, the organiser reserves all rights to legal action.
6.11.                        The purchaser of the ticket accepts that the organiser may use the contact details entered at the time of booking to keep him/her informed of the procedure to follow.
6.12.                        The purchaser of the ticket is invited to check on the website 24 hours before the performance that the performance is being held without any changes.

Article 7 :         Practical information & regulations
7.1.                           As a general rule, and out of respect for the artists, the organiser strongly advises viewers to arrive before the start of the event (official time).
7.2.                           As soon as the performance begins, the organiser may refuse access to the venue to anyone who is late, even if they have a valid ticket, without refund.
7.3.                           In agreement with the artists and the person in charge of the venue, there may be an appropriate time to enter the venue after the performance has begun. Only an official of the organiser may authorise access in this case.
7.4.                           The organiser reserves the right to reissue tickets purchased by festivalgoers at the time of the start of the performance if they have not shown up at the entrance to the performance.
7.5.                           Changes to the programme or the cast do not constitute grounds for refund.
7.6.                           Ticket purchasers acknowledge, without restriction or reservation, the organiser’s rules regarding security, access, age and other performance conditions. They acknowledge that in the event of non-compliance with these rules, they may be excluded from the event without being entitled to any compensation.
7.7.                           The majority of the organiser’s performances are intended for an adult audience (16 years or older). Minors who attend shows are the responsibility of their accompanying adult. Shows suitable for children are clearly mentioned in the programme.
7.8.                           Furthermore, the purchase of a ticket implies adherence to the internal regulations of the event venue.
7.9.                           Sound and/or visual recordings of any kind are prohibited.
7.10.                        Clubbing events are forbidden to under 18s.
7.11.                        In the event of non-compliance with the instructions, the organiser reserves all rights to take action.
7.12.                        Any aggressive verbal and/or physical behaviour towards a member of the organiser’s team will be automatically reported.

Article 8 :         Cancellation – interruption
8.1.                           In the event of a complete cancellation of the performance, tickets will be refunded.
8.2.                           If the organiser decides to refund tickets, only the price indicated on the ticket will be refunded, excluding the insurance surcharge and any other damages.
8.3.                           If the performance is interrupted for more than half its duration, no refund will be made.
8.4.                           In the event of a decision to refund, the purchaser must contact the organiser’s ticketing service and provide the information necessary for identification, the identification of their order and their full contact details within a maximum period of 30 days from the date of the performance.
8.5.                           The amount paid by the purchaser of the ticket will be reimbursed within 30 days of the end of the event concerned.

Article 9 :         Data protection
9.1.                           The organiser undertakes to handle the data of ticket purchasers with care and to comply with the provisions of the Federal Law on Data Protection of 19 June 1992.
9.2.                           The organiser undertakes not to divulge or market any information concerning ticket purchasers.
9.3.                           In accordance with Articles 8 and 9 of the Federal Data Protection Act of 19 June 1992, the organiser specifies that data concerning ticket purchasers may be used by its internal services and that purchasers have a right of access, rectification and opposition with regard to personal data concerning them.
9.4.                           In order to access their stored personal data, ticket purchasers need only send a request to the organiser by e-mail or post, stating their surname, first name, address, e-mail address and, if possible, their customer reference.
Address: Ticket Office, La Bâtie-Festival de Genève, P.O. Box 1525, 1211 Geneva 1
9.5.                           The organiser takes measures to protect its computer and telephone network. However, absolute protection against unlawful interference or eavesdropping cannot be guaranteed and the organiser cannot be held liable for such unlawful interference.
9.6.                           The purchaser expressly agrees to the disclosure of his/her personal data to third parties if the organiser is requested to do so by an administrative or judicial authority.

Article 10 :      Disputes – jurisdiction – applicable law
10.1.                        The organiser alone is entitled to deal with complaints and/or disputes relating to the products sold or the services rendered.
10.2.                        In the event of translation of the general conditions into other languages, the French version shall prevail.
10.3.                        If the dispute relates to payment transactions, the bank or third party in charge of the payment system may be consulted.
10.4.                        Swiss law is exclusively applicable to the contract of sale or payment of tickets.
10.5.                        The place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from the conclusion, interpretation and performance of the contract of sale or payment of the tickets is Geneva.
10.6.                        The ordinary courts of the Republic and Canton of Geneva, subject to appeal to the Federal Court, are competent to hear any dispute arising from the conclusion, interpretation and execution of the sales contract or the payment of tickets, which could not be settled amicably. 

Version: 14 June 2022

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