La Bâtie : 46th edition

After two years of pandemic, La Bâtie-Festival de Genève will take the pulse of a world in transition. Bodies and pulsations lie at the heart of this 2022 event.

The world is turbulent, and so are creators! Their works, more alive than ever, are the beating heart of La Bâtie: dance, theatre, music and circus mix, become permeated with technology and science, and go beyond physical and mental borders. The boundaries between stage and hall become porous, touching and merging. The points of view shift as these movements take place. These creations concern us, and the artists involve us.

Their bodies, our bodies facing the world, claim identities, probe memories, integrate past rituals, and invent sometimes trans-human futures. The artists have not told us everything about the body. You will discover their mechanisms, sounds, intimate poems and unexplored universes.

You will chart new baroque, electronic, folk, club and fado territory. You will enjoy that which will make you dance and dream, that will give you energy and keep your desire alive. You will go to clubs, forests, theatres, cities and through the fields; you will go everywhere, yet you will be close by. In the footsteps of this 2022 event, you will be where it is happening.

Welcome to La Bâtie-Festival de Genève!

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